完全な黒はなく、完全な白はありません。 制作はパネルに綿布を貼り、下地を施した画面の上に目的地のない旅が始まります。




Artist Statement

When I create works, I’m always interested in “border” between a color field and the other one. It reminds me of a passage of time from night to morning and a borderline which separates people. Neither perfect black nor white exist.

The moment I attach fabric to a panel and undercoat it, a trip to nowhere starts on. Drawing improvised lines with acrylics and grease pencils and sometimes wiping them off, I have a wordless conversation with tools. When shapes appear between the conscious and the unconscious, the trip is over. Like Japanese idiom mind-body unity, it is important to feel our mind and body in modern society which is full of information and has been changing speedily. I hope that my works become equipment which awakens someone’s five senses and arouse their distant memories.